Birth Doula



I believe that the word LABOR is most fitting - it's just that - work! Hard work!  


I believe that a trusted and supportive "birth team" is an essential key to having a satisfying birth (though I realize it is sometimes difficult within our current medical system and insurance structure).  


I believe that we need to prepare our minds and our bodies (which are intimately connected) throughout pregnancy for this most significant and joyous life event.  Just as we would prepare for an exam, a marathon, or a wedding, we must also get ready for birth.  


I believe in the human body and a woman's enormous capacity to birth a baby.  When we trust our strength and feel confidence and even excitement, we benefit physiologically during labor, helping us to have the safest, most fulfilling birth possible.  However, it doesn't mean we can control how our labor will go, because we can't!  We can set our intention for the birth we desire, but we need to remember its unpredictability.  Our preparations during pregnancy will give us the tools we need to deal with whatever comes our way.


I believe and acknowledge that babies are aware, sensitive human beings at the time of birth and should be treated as such.  


I believe and recongize that each family is wholly unique and approaches childbirth differently.  I am there to support the personal decisions you make and guide you foward into parenthood with confidence and pride.  



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